24 & 25 April, Waterfront, Cape Town

    Building Responsible and inclusive Business

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  • Enterprise Development & Entrepreneurship Investment Agenda And SMME Expo

    14 & 15 March 2018

    “Towards economic transformation, job creation and growth”

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  • 2018 Enterprise Development & Entrepreneurship Investment Agenda And SMME Expo

    27 & 28 June, Sandton, Johannesburg

    “Towards economic transformation, job creation and growth”

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Promoting Strategic Investments for Global Development


Global Invest Group is a development consulting organisation. We aim to enable platforms for better engagement of stakeholders to discuss complex global challenges and work together to come up with better ways to respond. We are inspired by a single goal of improving approaches and strategies to enhance effectiveness and capability so as to cope with the 21st century challenges. We focus on economic growth and development, small business growth, investment promotion, public sector development, reforms and public policy. Our belief is that improved engagement of all stakeholders will lead to knowledge dissemination and information sharing which in turn lead to better decisions.

Global Challenges

  • Climate change is the biggest challenge and a growing concern in Africa. This will soon affect business expansion, growth and profitability hence dialogues are important.
  • Many challenges of women empowerment in Africa ranges from their exclusion in the job market, lack of business opportunities and support and exclusion in the education system. Women are thus an untapped resource that could contribute to economic development. Ways to include them in value chain needs to be devised.
  • Africa’s youth, a great asset presenting structural challenges. Among these are youth unemployment, education and entrepreneurial challenges, lack of business support among others. This will soon become a ticking time bomb, thus there is a need for organisation to find innovative ways to respond.
  • Poverty is one of the most challenges affecting Africa and requires experts from all boards to approach the problem from new angles to provide innovative ways to fight African poverty.
  • There is high unemployment rate facing African countries. Big corporates have failed to resolve this challenge and the only hope is with SMMEs. In reality however they are facing numerous challenges and many SMMEs are failing. There are new innovative ways that needs to be discussed and agreed upon so as to support these emergent businesses.

Key Motivation

We provide platforms for engagements that are responsive to current Global Challenges and market risks. Through our collaborative network we provide a unique hub environment for identifying synergies, creating business opportunities, establishing living labs and stimulating innovation and strategic investments for socio-economic development.


  • Thank you for inviting me to such a workshop. The conference was informative and I benefitted

    Abigail Murray – Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone
  • We are pleased to be part of this year’s indaba. Thank you for giving to us the opportunity to present

    Fanyana Mofokeng – EDFM Founding Director
  • The conference was great. We discussed real challenges that we face in the enterprise development space and came up with strategies to respond to these.

    Catherine Wyjnberg – Director – Fetola
  • The engagement was great and informative. I am hoping to bring my colleagues in the next Indaba.

    Moses Sereme – North West Development Corporation
  • These forums are necessary especially due to the fact that Africa is faced with many challenges and we need such dialogues to come up with alternative solutions to these challenges

    Chaba Mokuku – Ministry of Trade and Industry – Lesotho

Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship Investment Agenda

25 & 26 October 2017

“Transformation for Economic Growth: Skills development and job creation”

We take great pleasure to invite you to be part of this prestigious event that will present opportunities that may assist you to rethink, redesign strategies that favor job creation, transformation and economic development

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Investing in Emerging Markets Summit 16 & 17 November 2017 Sandton, Johannesburg

15 & 16 November 2017

“Unlocking the investment and economic development potential of Africa”

Emerging markets are fast becoming the driver of global growth. It is not only strategic but also imperative that as global economics are shifting companies need to establish their footprints in emerging markets. Emerging economies are expected to grow two to three times faster than developed nations, according to International Monetary Fund estimates. This growth narrative is important for all organisations.

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2017 Renewable Energy Investment Africa Summit

15 & 16 November 2017

Unlocking the energy market potential for Africa

Energy is at the heart of widespread social, economic, and politics of communities, countries regions and the globe at large. There are growing concerns regarding the use of conventional energy sources which often has contributed to environmental degradation and unsustainable practice.

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