Global Invest Group is committed to work with public sector, civil society and the private sector so as to promote investments that facilitate socio-economic development.

Promoting Strategic Investments for Global Development

Who we are

Global Invest Group is a market intelligence and global development organisation that develops conferences, workshops and exhibitions aimed at promoting discussions and training of organisations to respond to Africa’s need for social and economic development. We have a track record of building collaborative relationships between governments, private sector and NGOs to work together and respond to global challenges.

Our team

Our specialized research teams and industry experts come with vast skills from private sector, government and academia. Our business is powered by our employees, whose passion and dedication resonate in everything we do. These vastly experienced teams of researchers, industry and market analysts collaborate with several organizations to find out the major trends and challenges in different sectors. This information is used to develop training and development agendas.


Conferences are aimed at discussing critical issues of global development. These issues include leadership, enterprise development, entrepreneurship, climate change and business growth and development. We attract high level speakers provide in-depth industry knowledge and expertise in these issues.


Our exhibitions are aimed at allowing attendees to meet several of decision makers to generate business, collaborate and form partnerships that shape the next phase of global development.

Upcoming Events