ACA Summit uncovers ways that enable modern brands to stay ahead of their competition

The summit aims to empower Business Leaders from all sectors of the economy to be responsible and adopt exemplary sustainable practice in a changing world.

Corporate Affairs Summit

Over the past years many African countries have grown at an accelerated pace, driven by and benefiting businesses in every sector, and lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty. But this rapid pace has also been volatile and has left Africa with issues such as growing inequality, social cohesion, rapid urbanization, environmental challenges, water shortages and natural disasters. As a result, businesses in Africa are faced with a tough question - how is it possible to grow responsibly, ensure economic development is more inclusive, and make essential products and services accessible for all? The 2018 Annual Africa Corporate Affairs Summit will help companies and stakeholders find answers. Business leaders and experts will identify some of the key challenges and discuss solutions that integrate CSR into core business, build relationships with key partners and protect brands and reputation. But businesses, as important drivers of growth and innovation, have more to offer: the Summit will help identify business strategies that contribute to meeting Africa’s social and environmental challenges and help steer us towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

The Summit is the leading forum to discuss issues of responsible business in Africa and beyond. The Summit will bring together key participants and stakeholders throughout Africa and globally with the goals of bringing new, energy, innovative thinking into the corporate Affairs knowledge bank. The main idea is to solicit partnerships and strategies that work towards responsible businesses that operate in Africa and contribute to socio-economic progress of Africa.