2017 Africa Enterprise Development & Entrepreneurship
“Responding to Localisation, Climate Change and Supply Chain Risks”

Do you care about supply chain risk and sustainability in supply chain Africa?

Why Exhibit In 2017

  • Make contacts: capture critical business connections from the emerging app market in Africa
  • Be part of the African agenda for economic regeneration and job creation
  • Add value to the long standing debate of SMMEs, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment in the economic landscape of Africa
  • Form partnerships: Establish & create new partnerships and alliances
  • Showcase your brand: display & present your product, business or service offering to the industry
  • Stand out from the crowd: exhibit to build your market presence and enhance your brand in front of the people that matter
  • Ensure your brand is seen by Enterprise Development Website visitors 10,000+ visitors before the event as well as during it – we’ll help you market your brand to the audience you want to connect with, starting as soon as you sign up. Make the most of it by getting involved now.
  • Maximise your market opportunity and client loyalty
  • Engage & network: interact in one of our exclusive and private meeting rooms/suites
  • Free marketing services: We have several FREE marketing services from blog posts, social media engagement, interviews, e-vites, web banners and target marketing campaigns all to help drive traffic to your site and market your brand.