Female and youth-run businesses are steadily increasing in number all over the world.
Annual Africa Youth and Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Summit

Youth and women economic empowerment and entrepreneurship development interventions are key to African economic growth


The event for this year aims to discuss the critical challenges in public sector procurement and ensure we respond to risks, climate change and ESD compliance issues and localisation. This SUMMIT aims to assist professionals in supply chain and procurement on how to reduce supply chain vulnerability via a coordinated holistic approach, involving all supply chain stakeholders, which identifies and analyses the risk of failure points within the supply chain. Mitigation plans to manage these risks can involve logistics, cybersecurity, finance and risk management disciplines; the ultimate goal being to ensure supply chain continuity in the event of a

What to Expect in 2017

  • Bigger is better

    The Youth and Woman Empowerment Summit is our largest event, drawing the most senior and forward-thinking development proffessional in Africa, ready to debate and discuss issues uppermost on your agenda

  • Top-notch speakers

    We consistently draw the highest level of local and international speakers to this event, constituting a showcase of the leading ideas, case studies and successes.

  • Varied format

    This 2-day event offers a mixture of plenary keynotes, interactive round tables, and practical breakouts, so you get the information you need in the format you prefer.


Key Benefits Section

Key Benefits Of Attending The Conference

  • How to respond to the BEE and localisation in a sustainable way
  • The adjustments required to successfully implement Public Contracts Regulations
  • How to work and measure engagement with SMEs
  • Steps needed to improve supplier risk management in the public sector
  • Making real savings from pooled procurement of common goods and services
  • What’s needed to successfully redesign public services
  • Climate change and the call for localisation and compliance issues
  • The effect of future Africa public procurement plans

Who attends?

Socio-Economic Development professionals, Transformation professionals, Procurement professional, Enterprise Development professionals
Enterprise Development Professionals, Procurement Professional, Investors Transformation Professionals, and SMMEs
Government involved in ESD, procurement and entrepreneurship projects, Funders, NGOs, Researchers


  • Emerging supply chain risks and threats in the 21st Century
  • Supply chain risk as a strategic issue
  •  Supplier/partner relationship management
  • Margin erosion and sudden demand changes
  • Emerging global demand risks
  • Emerging environmental risks - usually related to economic, social, governmental, and climate factors.
  • Business risks and impacts on supply chain
  • Emergent framework that addresses the dynamic nature of international supply chain
  • Smart supply chain or green procurement.
  • Physical plant risks and manufacturing risks
  • Emerging framework for addressing supply chain risk
  • Emergent supply chain planning and control risks management tools
  • Planning & risk management
  •  Cost control – Operating costs are under extreme pressure by rising energy/fuel and freight costs, greater number of global customers, technology e.t.c
  • New regulations and rising commodity prices.
  • Governance, monitoring and compliance
  • SCM client support
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Policy, norms and standards
  • Contract management
  • ICT, e-procurement and data management
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