Be part of the support for women who are making significant contributions to national economies, poverty reduction and employment creation

The potential of women entrepreneurship development is attracting more and more attention from international organizations, governments, and international development stakeholders

Why Exhibit In 2017

Private and public sector professionals working within economic development and regeneration, will come together to tackle the most pressing challenges when it comes to fostering economic growth at a local and regional level. How can you be part of the global development professional who are inspired to make the world a better place?

Why exhibit:

  • Align your brand with the world’s largest economic development and investment event.
  • Present your products to the market face to face and receive immediate feedback.
  • Generate new business – gather leads and take orders there and then.
  • Gain coverage on the event, which attracts government, private sector and NGOs.
  • Be part of the Global shapers for economic development.
  • Position yourself alongside leading players in this space.
  • Keep up to date and network with other organisation.
  • You will maximize your exposure - it's easier to be one of exhibitors.
  • You can meet face-to-face with existing and new potential business partners/suppliers/distributors.
  • You can promote your products & services - your stand is your exclusive playground, do not chase visitors, make them come to you.
  • You can launch new products - being an exhibitor offers you multiple options to do it in efficient.
  • You will be able to find out what are your competitors up and get the latest insight into pharma market trends.