Be part of the solution to empower and support women and youth entrepreneurs worldwide

What are some good practices that can be reproduced in future programming of youth and women support programmes?

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  • Make contacts: capture critical business connections from the emerging gender empowerment gap in Africa
  • Be part of the African agenda for economic regeneration and job creation
  • Add value to the long standing debate of SMMEs, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment of youth and women in the economic landscape of Africa
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Some of our previous SPONSORS

National Empowerment Fund
The NEF’s role is to support Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) As the debate concerning what constitutes meaningful and sustainable BB-BEE evolves, the NEF anticipates future funding and investment requirements to help black individuals, communities and businesses achieve each element of the Codes of Good Practice. These include a focus on preferential procurement, broadening the reach of black equity ownership, transformation in management and staff and preventing the dilution of black shareholding. The NEF differentiates itself not only with a focused mandate for BB-BEE, but by also assuming a predominantly equity-based risk to maximise the Empowerment Dividend. Reward should balance the risk with the application of sound commercial decisions to support national priorities and government policy such as the Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa (AsgiSA) or targeted investments through the Department of Trade and Industry’s (the dti’s) Industrial Policy Framework (IPF). The work of the NEF therefore straddles and complements other Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) by allowing the organisations to work in close collaboration in the promotion of BB-BEE. With them, the NEF can enhance other DFIs and their mandates by sharing its specialist sector expertise and knowledge of BB-BEE.
Economic Development Solutions
Economic Development Solutions (Pty) Ltd (eds) offers a unique combination of economic development services designed to provide customised solutions to the Renewable Energy, Mining, Government and Corporate Sectors. Our experience within B-BBEE consulting, organizational transformation, economic development and strategic facilitation, enables eds to provide a personalised solution to our clients.
Nkululeko Leadership Consulting
Nkululeko Leadership Consulting’s purpose is to enhance the leadership capability of organisations to accelerate the economic, social and political development of the continent. NLC service offerings include leadership consulting, organisational culture consulting and strategy & operations consulting. We use an integrated approach that aligns strategy, leadership and organisational culture – with specific focus on leadership effectiveness as a key enabler for sustainable organisational performance.